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We are a lively family of all ages who gather from all over Aberdeen. Many who are working for a short time here from other countries worship with us, as do many students. We are building strong links with the local community, other churches in the area and the varied crowds who pass by our increasingly open door. We enjoy a blend of traditional and contemporary hymns and songs when we gather on Sundays. Children, young people and older folk are very much a part of the family here and all play an active part in the life of the fellowship. It is our pleasure to welcome newcomers to Gilcomston from any church background or none.

We aim to be a learning church, engaged in God's mission in this world, positive about the city in which we live. As such, our core activities are learning from the Bible, praying together, caring for one another and communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ on the street and community and around us.

We hold to the Westminster Confession of Faith; we recognise liberty of opinion on those things that aren't part of the core of the Christian faith. We try to measure everything by what we read in the Bible.

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Inside Gilcomston Church



Iain Hepburn - Ministry Associate
Iain Hepburn arrived from the Western Isles in 1996 and has been largely living in Aberdeen ever since. After completing his Old Testament PhD he lectured in a number of settings Iainprimarily at the International Christian College in Glasgow. Teaching and preaching engagements have seen him working in a wide variety of conferences and churches. This included Gilcomston of which he is a member, and where he has attended with his wife since 2007. Iain is currently dividing his time between working part-time in a Primary school, part-time at the church and full time as a father to his two wee boys. Despite this he still carves out enough time for his favourite pastimes; teaching Hebrew, being a member of the Society of Old Testament Study and heading up security at the Hebridean Celtic Music Festival.

Graham Wintour - Ministry Assistant
Graham Wintour works with Andrew and Hannah with young adults in Graham
Gilcomston. He was born in Aberdeen and has enjoyed spending most
of his time in this sparkling city. He had a brief sojourn to Chester and
Edinburgh to complete his veterinary studies. During this time God
introduced Graham to his wonderful wife, Tineke. They now have a son
called Zephaniah. Since becoming married he has worked for a few years
and is currently undertaking a course in Biblical Studies. As a family, they
enjoy playing pool, throwing tennis balls at each other and relaxing in the
Scottish outdoors.

Rosie McKie - Secretary
Rosie is our Church Administrator. She was baptised in Gilcomston as a Rosie
baby and loves Aberdeen so much that she has never felt the need to
move away from the city. She has been at Gilc all her life so has a fairly
good knowledge of the Gilc building and its people. Rosie trained as a
primary teacher and after having two children of her own (Chris and
Claire, now adults) she taught in a local Playgroup before joining the
staff at Gilc. In her spare time she enjoys having coffee with friends of
all ages, reading, and hill walking in the Lake District.