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In March 2017, we we sought to secure the necessary funding to enable us to proceed with the purchase of our building on Union Street.

The Lord provided abundantly for us in a remarkable way, for which we give heart-felt thanks. And at the same time we would like to convey our very real gratitude, albeit in this rather general way, to all of you who have given, and that in ways which have been generous and sacrificial.



Within the space of little more than a couple of weeks, the amount already given, pledged or loaned will be significantly more than the purchase price of £750,000! Is that not cause for rejoicing before the Lord?

It’s not clear yet exactly how much has actually been given in one way and another. The Gift Aid will add considerably to the total, but it’s a time-consuming exercise to calculate that figure, and with all else that was going on yesterday we were not able to undertake that exercise then: and there will clearly be further donations and pledges in as well. But the amount which has already been given, pledged or loaned will (even without the additional Gift Aid), as I say, be significantly more than the purchase price of £750,000. I hope it positively thrills your heart to read that, and prompts you to fresh praise and gratitude today!


We will be able now, as a consequence, to make an ‘up front’ payment to the General Trustees of the Church of Scotland by 31st March of the larger part of the purchase price: we would then hope to pay the balance within the next few months.

We are in a position, moreover, to progress the purchase of the building now without recourse to mortgage provision. That we are in such a position is surely a remarkable testimony to the grace and faithfulness of the Lord who, we clearly see, is well able to do immeasurably more than all that we might ask or think! And we are, as I say, deeply thankful to Him.


Of course, that we are in such a position is indicative not only of the goodness of God, but of the generosity shown by many such as yourselves: it is humbling and moving to have been enabled now to move forward with the purchase of the building, without recourse to any mortgage provision, and we are very thankful for the gifts, pledges and interest-free loans which have made that possible.

The fact that we no longer will have the burden of either an annual rent of c.£60-65k, or interest-laden mortgage payments to pay, should free up a significant amount of our annual income to ensure that we can repay loans within a relatively short time-frame, begin to build up a necessary Reserve Fund, and expand our commitment to gospel work in the city and beyond.

We are, thus, hugely grateful for the generosity shown by the Lord’s people: and we wanted, therefore, both to thank you for your commitment to the Lord’s work here, and to share with you this good news, at the earliest opportunity.

Every blessing

Jerry Middleton

Our Building Fund balance on Monday 27 March stands at £754,863, which includes loans totalling £315,000 .