Monday 18 October


Read Romans 5.1-5

“.. through our Lord Jesus Christ .. we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand ..” (Rom.5.1-2)

Peace with God through Christ means that there’s nothing any longer creating a distance between Him and you: His arms are open to you in welcome and in Christ He delights in the access you now have to Him.

Do you view God as having open arms of welcome towards you in Christ, or do you think of Him as being ‘a hard man’ (Lk.19.21)?

If ‘peace’ with God has secured for you ‘access’ to God, what does Paul say that ‘access’ to God affords you?

Prayer: Blessed indeed, O Lord my God, are those You welcome for the sake of Your Son, those whom You choose to bring near to You to live in Your courts! (Ps.65.4)