Sunday 4 September 2022


Read John 11.38-44

“.. if you believe, you will see the glory of God ..” (Jn.11.40)

Hang in always to the end of the story, trusting the Lord who is wise and good and does wonderful deeds – trusting that He will indeed make all things well at the last. He keeps the best to last (Jn.2.10), better than you’d ever have imagined! Trust Him!

Trusting Jesus means doing what He says when that seems patently foolish: what instances of that have there been in your own life?

How does the fact that Jesus is “the resurrection and the life” inform the perspective you have on the world of today and on your own life?

Prayer: How worthy You are of the praises of Your people, Lord. By Your death we are reconciled to God: through Your resurrection we too shall rise one day to life!