Tuesday 25 January 2022


Read Psalm 123.3-4

“.. Have mercy on us, O LORD, have mercy on us ..” (Ps.123.3)

Jesus entrusted Himself to ‘Him who judges justly’ as He bore with the contempt and insults hurled at Him (1 Pet.2.23): as you follow Jesus and seek humbly to serve Him, you will also experience such contempt. Trust the Lord to vindicate you in His mercy.

In what ways have you had to endure ‘contempt’ and ‘ridicule’ as you’ve sought to serve the Lord?

Read the short parable Jesus told in Lk.17.7-10: what difference has it made to you to understand yourself as never more than an ‘unworthy servant’?

Prayer: Your mercies are new to me every morning, my Lord: great indeed is Your faithfulness. Help me cope faithfully with all the ridicule and scorn I may have to face.