Christmas Appeal

On Saturday 21 December from 10.30am to 12.30pm Gilcomston Church will be doing a Pop-Up Carol Event outside the front door of the church.

We need you to come and join us for all or part of that time; it’s a not a performance, just a communal sing-along! Hot chocolate and mince pies will be served mid-morning.

Part of our Christmas Appeal will be to help the Cyrenians by collecting items which they can give to someone who is homeless or experiencing hardship On the 12 days running up to the Pop-Up Carol Event we will be collecting the items listed below – you can drop them off at the front door of the church when it is open, or at the office door (last door on Summer Street) when the front door is closed.

We’ll have all 12 boxes available during the Pop-Up Carol Event, so if you’ve not had time to donate before then, this would be your last opportunity.

Thank you for your support!

Diary and pen 9th December

Pairs of socks 10th December

Lip balms 11th December

Hats and scarves 12th December

Tins of beans 13th December

Pairs of boxers 14th December

Bars of chocolate 15th December

Tins of custard 16th December

Tubes of hand cream 17th December

Tins of meatballs 18th December

Packs of tissues 19th December

Pots of Noodles 20th December

The second part of our Christmas Appeal will go to the Barnabas Fund. With persecution against Christians rife in West Africa, tens of thousands of displaced people have lost everything. Famine is looming and the regions where Christians have sought refuge are struggling to feed them. Barnabas Aid is there to help them.