Online Sunday School, 29th March 2020

Worksheets for during the service

Welcome to online Sunday School week 2!

Please watch through the videos in order and have a go at your worksheet (sheet 14 from the go teach workbook) . You can let us know how you get on and if you have any questions via the Sunday School WhatsApp group (please get in touch by email if you can’t access this).

Memory Verse: Proverbs 9v10

Please send any photos or videos of the memory verse challenge you would like to show us to the Sunday School WhatsApp group.

Prayer Points:
Pray for unity in our church family while we can’t meet together in person.
Pray for Jerry and the leadership as they lead the church at this time.
Pray for each other using the prayer list from your pack.

Introduction Video (Video 1)

Story Video (watch the first half up to 2 mins 40)

Teaching Summary Video (Video 2)

Memory Verse Challenge Video (Video 3)