Confident Christianity

Do you find the thought of talking about Jesus to friends, neighbours, classmates or colleagues daunting? Do you sometimes find yourself thinking ‘What if I say something that makes God look bad?’ Or wondering what happens if they raise a challenging question or objection to which you’re unable to respond? Well, you’re not alone!

That’s why Solas is partnering with Hebron Evangelical Church for a Confident Christianity conference; it will hep you become confident and empowered to talk about Jesus more naturally, engage in evangelism that persuades people, and feel equipped to answer the questions of your friends.

Speakers include Andy Bannister, Mark Stirling, David Galloway and Max Baker-Hytch. Fliers with more information are at the Welcome Desk.  Saturday 1 June from 9am to 4.30pm at Hebron Evangelical Church. Tickets (which include the cost of lunch) are £15 per adult, £5 for concession and can be purchased here.