Water Into Worship (1 Chronicles 11:15-19)

Dr I Hepburn, 22nd July 2018
Part of the Times Of Refreshing series, preached at a Sunday Evening service

Times Of Refreshing
Water Into Worship
1 Chronicles 11:15-19
Dr Iain Hepburn
Evening Service, Sunday 22 July 2018


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1 Chronicles 11:15-19

15Now three of the thirty captains went down to the rock to David, into the cave of Adullam; and the host of the Philistines encamped in the valley of Rephaim. 16And David was then in the hold, and the Philistines' garrison was then at Bethlehem. 17And David longed, and said, Oh that one would give me drink of the water of the well of Bethlehem, that is at the gate! 18And the three brake through the host of the Philistines, and drew water out of the well of Bethlehem, that was by the gate, and took it, and brought it to David: but David would not drink of it, but poured it out to the LORD, 19And said, My God forbid it me, that I should do this thing: shall I drink the blood of these men that have put their lives in jeopardy? for with the jeopardy of their lives they brought it. Therefore he would not drink it. These things did these three mightiest. (KJV)

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