Jerry Middleton – Minister
Jerry was inducted as Gilcomston’s Minister on 2nd October 2016. Jerry was previously Minister at Davidson’s Mains Church, Edinburgh and in Cumbernauld. Jerry Middleton
Iain Hepburn – Ministry Associate
Iain Hepburn arrived from the Western Isles in 1996 and has been largely living in Aberdeen ever since. After completing his Old Testament PhD he lectured in a number of settings primarily at the International Christian College in Glasgow. Teaching and preaching engagements have seen him working in a wide variety of conferences and churches. This included Gilcomston of which he is a member, and where he has attended with his wife since 2007. Iain’s role involves helping with the preaching, training Gilcomston’s younger preachers and leaders and pastoral work with the congregation. He also carves out time for his favourite pastimes; teaching Hebrew, being a member of the Society of Old Testament Study and heading up security at the Hebridean Celtic Music Festival.
Iain Hepburn
Rosie McKie – Church Administrator
Rosie is our Church Administrator. She was baptised in Gilcomston as a baby and loves Aberdeen so much that she has never felt the need to move away from the city. She has been at Gilc all her life so has a fairly good knowledge of the Gilc building and its people. Rosie trained as a primary teacher and after having two children of her own (Chris and Claire, now adults) she taught in a local Playgroup before joining the staff at Gilc. In her spare time she enjoys having coffee with friends of all ages, reading, and hill walking in the Lake District.  rosie
Jeanne Ritchie – Treasurer
Jeanne works two morning a week on the church accounts.  jeanne