Our ‘Core Values’ at Gilcomston Church

“.. As the Father has sent Me, I am sending you …” [John 20.21]

It’s important in every sphere of life to know what we’re about – otherwise we’re liable simply to drift. That’s as true for us as a fellowship as it is for us as individuals.

The start of a new year is an appropriate time, therefore, to ensure that our sense of direction is clear and to set out again the ‘parameters’ which define the ministry which we believe the Lord has given us here.

All that we seek to be and do as a fellowship at Gilcomston Church is encompassed, essentially, in the acronym ACTS. That’s to say, we aim to be a body of believers at the centre of Aberdeen’s life who are –

  • Attracting people to Jesus through lives which put the spotlight centre-stage on Jesus:
  • Consolidating our faith as believers by clear Bible teaching with contemporary application:
  • Training all our members for fruitful lives of ministry in the service of Jesus Christ:
  • Sending out our people in the cause of gospel growth – both into our local communities and into the world at large.

Through the four Sundays in January we’ll consider each of these in turn, using four passages from John’s gospel, and the incidents they record, as our starting point.


May these four studies serve to give a real focus to our lives and see the Lord ‘enlarging our territory’ through this coming year.

ACTS 1      PowerPoint 1

ACTS 2      PowerPoint 2

ACTS 3     PowerPoint 3