Saving Sophie


a bird’s-eye tour of

Paul’s letter to the church at Rome

“the gospel .. is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.. ” [Romans 1.16]

Paul’s Letter to the Romans was from the start a foundational document: and down the centuries it has proved to be hugely influential in the experience of countless individuals.

It’s a long letter – running to 16 substantial chapters: and, because of the very thoroughness with which Paul sets out the message of the gospel through this letter, it can also seem quite daunting!

Because it’s so foundational, however, and because as we get to grips with the teaching it contains it invariably proves so transforming in the living of our lives, we’ll be running a 9-part course in the autumn, entitled ‘Romans for rookies’. The plan is to run this course at two different times, one through the day and one in an evening, in order to make it as available as possible to as many as possible.

This present series of Sunday morning studies through the summer months will hopefully provide something of a ‘taster’ for the course!

Although the Community Groups will be taking a break through the summer, study material with questions in the usual form will nonetheless be available week by week through the summer – in the hope that individuals may still find it a helpful means of reflecting further on the ground covered on a Sunday morning.


Paul hadn’t visited Rome at this point in his ministry, but he saw the strategic importance of the church at Rome and planned to be with the believers there in the near future.

This letter is effectively, therefore, his way of introducing himself and his message to them. May the Lord use these studies help acquaint, or re-acquaint, us all with the great truths of the gospel!

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