Sunday School Rota

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Date Topic Ref Upfront P6-7 P4-5 P1-3 Helper YG Helper
15/01/23 1. God Grows His People Exodus 1v1-2v10 Sam Sam Rosie Unni Akpo  
22/01/23 2. God Reveals Himself Ex. 3v1-4v17 Rosie Sam Rosie Unni Emma  
29/01/23 3. God Shows His Power to Judge Ex. 5v1-10v29 Katie Sam Katie Unni Emma  
05/02/23 4. God Delivers His People Ex. 11v1-12v42 Katie Katie Hannah Dorothy Emma  
12/02/23 5. God Destroys His Enemies Ex. 13v17-14v31 Karen Karen Hannah Dorothy Akpo  
19/02/23 6. God Feeds His People Ex. 16v1-36 Karen Karen Hannah Dorothy Akpo Obed
26/02/23 7. God Tests His People Ex. 17v1-16 Karen Karen Rosie Unni Akpo  
05/03/23 8. God Teaches His People Ex. 19v1-20v21 Karen Karen Hannah Unni Emma Fred
Luke’s First Easter
12/03/23 1. The Triumphal Entry Luke 19v28-40 Sam Sam Hannah Unni Emma  
19/03/23 2. The Last Supper Luke 22v7-23 Katie Katie Rosie Dorothy Emma Obed
26/03/23 3. The Crucifixion Luke 23v13-49 Rosie Rosie Katie Dorothy Akpo Fred
02/04/23 4. The Resurrection Luke 24v1-12 Rosie Rosie Hannah Dorothy Akpo  
09/04/23 Easter Sunday All Age Service            
Mission Unstoppable – Acts
16/04/23 1. The Ascension Acts 1v1-11 Karen W Karen W Hannah Unni Emma Obed
23/04/23 2. The Holy Spirit Arrives Acts 2v1-41 Sam Sam Rosie Unni Emma Fred
30/04/23 3. Opposition Acts 5v12-42 Sam Sam Rosie Unni Akpo  
07/05/23 Coronation event   Rosie Hannah Rosie Dorothy Akpo  
14/05/23 4. Persecution Acts 6v7-8v3 Rosie Karen W Rosie Dorothy Akpo Obed
21/05/23 5. Philip & the Ethiopian Acts 8v1-8, 26-40 Karen W Karen W Hannah Dorothy Emma Fred
28/05/23 6. Saul’s Conversion Acts 9v1-22 Karen W Karen W Katie Unni Emma  
04/06/23 7. Cornelius’ Conversion Acts 10v1-48 Katie Sam Katie Unni Emma Obed
11/06/23 8. To the Ends of the Earth Acts 14v8-22 Katie Katie Hannah Unni Akpo Fred
Journey to the Promised Land (1-4)
18/06/23 1. The Tabernacle Ex. 25v1-22, 29v44-46 Katie Katie Hannah Dorothy Akpo  
25/06/23 2. The Golden Calf (Graduation) Ex. 32v1-35 Rosie Katie Rosie Dorothy Akpo Obed
02/07/23 3. Second Chances Ex. 33v1-34v35 Rosie Sam Rosie Dorothy Emma Fred
09/07/23 4. Spies in the Land Numbers 13v1-14v45 Rosie Rosie Hannah Unni Emma