Sunday School Rota

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Date Lesson Story  Upfront  Preschool




Upstairs Helper

Seniors Games Before
12/01/2020 1 Canaanite Woman’s Daughter Sam Dorothy Unni Karen W Lynn Sam Karen W
19/01/2020 2 Jairus’ Daughter Sam Rosie Karen M Hannah Dorothy Sam Hannah
26/01/2020 3 Royal Official’s Son Rosie Rosie Karen M Karen W Gemma Sam Sam
02/02/2020 4 Boy With an Evil Spirit Rosie Rosie Unni Katie Gemma Lynn Katie
09/02/2020 5 Nicodemus Gill Dorothy Unni Katie Gill Lynn Lynn
16/02/2020 6 Woman of Samaria Rosie Dorothy Hannah Gemma Rosie Lynn Lynn
23/02/2020 7 Sinai Katie Dorothy Katie Hannah Gemma Gill Gill
01/03/2020 8 No Other Gods Katie Dorothy Katie Karen W Hannah Gill Gill
08/03/2020 9 No Images of God Karen W Karen M Unni Katie Karen W Lynn Katie
15/03/2020 10 Honour God’s Name Karen W Karen M Unni Katie Karen W Lynn Katie
22/03/2020 13 The Last Supper Karen M Gill Karen M Karen W Sam Lynn Sam
29/03/2020 14 Before Pilate Karen M Rosie Karen M Karen W Gill Sam Sam
05/04/2020 15 Death and Resurrection Sam Dorothy Unni Gemma Gill Sam Gemma
12/04/2020 Easter Sunday
19/04/2020 16 Thomas Sam Karen M Unni Hannah Rosie Sam Rosie
26/04/2020 11 Remember the Sabbath Rosie Rosie Hannah Katie Karen W Gill Hannah
03/05/2020 12 Honour Your Parents Rosie Rosie Gemma Katie Lynn Gill Gemma

Memory Verse Week Introduced Notes
Romans 3:23 2nd September To the tune of ‘Heads, shoulders, knees & toes
Romans 6:23 30th September  
Romans 5:8 4th November  
Romans 10:13 March ’19  
Romans 8:32a May ’19  
Romans 12:1   May shorten this one