Saturday 3 September 2022


Read John 11.32-37

“.. He was deeply moved in spirit and troubled ..” (Jn.11.33)

Jesus’ tears join those of Mary and the crowd of mourners gathered round her. It’s the Exodus 3.7f paradigm again: He sees our misery, hears our cries, feels our pain – and comes to our rescue. ‘Where have you laid him?’ Take Him to your problem.

In what ways might Mary’s falling at Jesus’ feet (v.32) find expression in the way you respond to crises and sorrows in your life?

How do you answer those whose perspective today reflects that of the people mentioned in v.37?

Prayer: Lord, thank You that You see our every circumstance, feel the inner turmoil, pain and struggles which we have, and gladly have us take You to our point of need.