Friday 5 August 2022


Read John 4.50-52

“.. The man took Jesus at His word and departed ..” (Jn.4.50)

The Lord’s word is invested with huge, creative power! And His word spoken into our lives invariably combines a command with a promise – in that order: just as it was in this situation. You go, He gives. Go, do what He tells you today – and see Him give!

What instances have there been in your own life where, as you’ve done what the Lord has called you to do you’ve seen Him wonderfully at work?

For whom today are you longing that Jesus would speak this word of promise – ‘He/she will live’? Bring that person before Him today in prayer.

Prayer: You are the resurrection and the life, O Lord! Speak that word of life-giving power again into the circumstances of those dear to my heart and meet their need.