Online Sunday School, 28 June

Worksheets for during the service

Hi everyone!

Welcome to week 15 of online Sunday School!! Wow! 

HAPPY SUMMER HOLIDAYS to those of you who have finished up already, and for those of us who haven’t HANG IN THERE, there’s only one more week to go!!!! 

We miss you all and hope you are doing well. 

Below are the videos and links for today’s lesson. Please watch them in order and follow along. Have fun and learn lots! 

This week you could pray for:
– people to keep following the guidelines set out by the Scottish Government so that we all stay safe and don’t spread the virus. 
– for the keyworkers who have worked throughout the whole pandemic. That God would give them energy to keep going and keep serving others. 
– for the scientists working on a cure of a vaccine; that God would give them success in their trials. 
– for us in our families. We’ve had a lot of time at home with the same people. Ask God to help you be kind and loving towards those you live with, especially when you are tired or frustrated or bored. 

I look forward to seeing your completed craft and challenges! Please send the photos to the Sunday School WhatsApp group or email us on

As always, if you have any questions from today’s talk then do ask and I’ll do my best to answer! (Use the WhatsApp group or email us!) 

 Rosie x

VIDEO 1: Welcome

If you don’t have the book, click here for study 7 and study 8 (pages 18 & 19)

VIDEO 2: Recap


VIDEO 3: Game

VIDEO 4: Bible reading

SONG VIDEOPlease sing along again with the video for “Jesus, when you died”

VIDEO 5: Explanation

VIDEO 6: Memory verse

VIDEO 7: Conclusion

VIDEO 8: Challenges

Awesome Cutlery YouTube channel

Awesome Cutlery challenge video 1 

Awesome Cutlery challenge video 2

Acts of service ideas – click here